Does your work evaluation matter, or is it a filed formality?

Companies have evaluations because there is a need to measure the growth of the employee from year to year. The exercise of self and manager evaluation takes place at the end of the year at my company. I outline my goals, accomplishments and challenges, and also have the opportunity to assess my manager’s efforts.

Pae-gi – “The determination to succeed in his/her work.” Employees are expected to strive to be equipped with Pae-gi. Company leaders are to discover and develop those with it.



Evaluation is an exercise in voicing your opinion “professionally”

This year’s self-evaluation flowed easily. I was hired to lead marketing for the launch of a branded company in 2015. My managing director presented the launch strategy at headquarters this summer, and our focus changed from brand launch to private label business. If you know private label, they market their own brand, so supplier marketing isn’t needed.

In my evaluation I explain the change in my role, and outline my current responsibilities. I describe my efforts, plan execution, challenges and obstacles. Then I rate my company satisfaction and provide opinions or suggestions for the team/company.

My self evaluation takes a couple of days to complete from start to finish. After I write my initial thoughts, I go back a couple of times to edit myself before it is ready to submit. In other words, I start by being very to the point, and then upon review I censor myself and make it more “professional”.

Manager Evaluation – Critique or Assessment

My manager evaluation is currently open on my computer. It has been for two weeks. Do you approach it as a critique or assessment? Is there as difference?

According to, to critique is the act of passing judgment. Assessment comes across as friendlier. “An evaluation of one’s abilities and failings.”  (British Dictionary)

The majority of the evaluation is by rating. Categories include:

  • Passion on work
  • Affection/Trust on employees and clients
  • Responsible for his or her actions
  • Challenge for higher goals and breakthrough
  • Pursue Innovation Change
  • Moral Ethics and Differentiating Personal/Work

Write-in sections address the manager’s strong points, developmental needs and overall opinion.

Does it really matter?

Evaluation is a balancing act. A good or poor review can impact potential for pay raise and bonus. I toil over how to articulate my thoughts in just the right way. It doesn’t do any good to just point out the negative. You want to give opinion that will hopefully inspire improvement.

I find myself questioning if any of it matters. If you see no action as a result of providing your opinion, you wonder if it was read. Or was it read but your concerns didn’t make the priority list, and it was filed in the “black hole of paperwork” on someone’s desk?

How do you approach your annual evaluation? Have you seen any change as a result of your input?

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