Personal Branding – What is your “Why”?

The making of the “Why” video.

Dennis Yu is my social media spirit animal.

Later today I’m off to Phoenix for three days of intensive training with Dennis Yu and the Blitzmetrics team. If you didn’t already know, Dennis is my social media/data spirit animal, and is helping me work my way though this personal branding journey.

It seems like I’ve been doing a ton of prep work to get ready for this event. Everything from establishing my business email and public figure page on Facebook, to setting up Google AdWord and Tag Manager accounts. The ultimate goal of all of this is to lay down the foundation and kick start my personal brand.

Part of the process is creating my “Why” video. As often as I have been on stage performing as a musician or in a community theater production, you would think I’m comfortable in front of a camera. I really don’t like the sound of my voice recorded and the old adage that the camera adds pounds to you is no joke! But in order to move this personal branding thing forward, I need to suck it up.

The “Why” video is – why me? The steps to building my why have been laid out very clearly by Blitzmetrics.

  • Start with a personal story that will connect your audience emotionally
  • Make my “I Believe” statement connecting to my Why
  • Who I am and what I do

This video concept sounds simple enough right? But how do I decide what experience I should connect myself to?

I narrowed my choices down to three:

  1. Adopted as an infant by a single American woman before it was cool to adopt children internationally.
  2. Went to an open call audition for performers to sing the National Anthem at PNC Park for the Pittsburgh Pirates and was selected.
  3. Was a stand in for Pocahontas at the mall.

When I post the video you’ll know which option I choose! Stay tuned! If you have an opinion about which one I should focus on, please leave a comment!



The Blogging Battle – Blogging isn’t as easy as it looks

I always thought blogging was simply writing out your thoughts, and posting it online. Then a few months ago, I decided to take the advice of my friend Dennis Yu of Blitzmetrics, and start the process of branding myself.

The Blogging Battle Begins

Following the steps outlined in the “Personal Branding Guide,” I set up everything that was suggested.

After you determine your goals for personal branding, you get the recommended “plumbing” in place. Then the third item on the checklist is to “Create blogs regularly posting across all social media channels”. I’m an English major, I should be able to write, right? Not so fast.

I find blogging to be a longer than 20 minutes a day process. In the whole four posts I’ve written to date, at least two completely changed focus direction the further I got into the post.

One step is to add the Yoast plugin to my website. Yoast and I have a tenuous relationship at best when it comes to blogging. I often find myself struggling to make sure all of the Yoast bases are covered. In turn, you become obsessed with the color of the Readability and SEO which are ideally supposed to be green.

Small Steps to Success

I’ve determined a process to blogging that might not work for everyone, but works for me.

  • Begin – Start with your initial topic. If you go off track in the writing process, and end up focusing on something else. Add the topic back to your list. You had it on there for a reason.
  • Write – Collapse the “Publish” section while writing so the words and ideas can just flow.
  • Review – Where do I stand from the Yoast perspective?
  • Clean up – Take out unnecessary words and make suggested changes until the Readability and SEO are green.
  • Una Vez Mas – I re-read the post and often times move content around so it flows better.
  • Let the Happy Dance commence!