Don’t Downplay The Knowledge You Have to Share

If you are a brand or you manage one, you establish credibility and authority when you publish, share and amplify good content. So when I was considering a jump into the waters of social media marketing as a business, I struggled with the thought of, “What if what I have to say isn’t important?”

It took me a while, but I realized that in my own moment of doubt that I was downplaying the knowledge I had to share. Sometimes what others share on social really resonates with me and I experience that “A ha!” light bulb moment. At other times I but don’t really absorb the info at all. Not everyone is going to get you and what you have to say – and that’s okay.

Your Experience Can Be Applied to Other Markets

I draw my social media marketing experience from a very niche industry – the automotive aftermarket. It’s about knowing the difference between a gearhead and an enthusiast. Understanding the myriad of ways that people in the industry buy and sell their products. Being able to talk intelligently about the product without insulting the technical minded, but not talking over the head of the casual fan. You can’t bluff someone who is inquiring about your product for something they are an expert in. You simply admit you don’t know, but promise to get them the answer they are looking for.

Does that understanding of the industry and its customers apply to others? Absolutely. The social media marketer who focuses on the fitness industry or real estate knows what is acceptable in the market and know how to speak the language of that particular industry.

Share What You Know

You should never keep what you know to yourself. Challenge yourself and charge your employees and clients to share and teach what they know to others. But someone might take the idea you’ve based your success on and make it better. The fact of the matter is – someone is going to do it anyway. People who come out with new products or programs don’t reinvent the wheel. They take what already exists and make it better.

People who come out with new products or programs – take what already exists and make it better.

Find Opportunities to Share

Last Friday I was notified that I was selected to be a speaker at the Social Media Day Houston 2017 Conference on June 30. I am thrilled because it will be the first time that I will be able to share as an event speaker what was shared with me by Dennis Yu of Blitzmetrics.

Speaking opportunities is just one way to share. Content can come in all shapes and sizes. Consider publishing a book, making a ebook or white paper available on your website or offering a course. What you have to offer IS valuable.


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