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What is your Why?

It is no longer an option for brands and companies to have a social media presence, it’s a necessity.

And it’s not enough to create a page or profile and post a picture every so often.

At MSocial we utilize a six-phase process to help build a plan that will help your brand/company exceed your marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing Considerations

  • How do you want your social media to work for you? (Brand awareness, Engagement, Traffic to the website, Lead Generation, Conversions to sales.)
  • Have you considered your Goals, Content and Targeting in your social media strategy?
  • Do you have the correct digital plumbing set up to quickly assess your social media marketing efforts?

MSocial is passionate about brand social media marketing and can help you determine, build and manage the right program for your brand.

About Me

Over eight years ago my career path changed from the editorial side of journalism to an officially titled communications and then marketing specialist. What I didn’t know about the automotive aftermarket and the lubricants manufacturing business, I learned by immersing myself and absorbing all that I could about the industry.

With that came the opportunity to create, manage and moderate the brand’s social media presence that started with YouTube and Facebook. Added platforms included Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Pages, and Pinterest.

Brand social media isn’t merely scheduling posts of pictures and videos. Brands must align their social media strategy with their content strategy so that the same messaging and brand tone carries across all marketing platforms. Content must be engaging, conversational and worthy of sharing.

What I have learned during the course of both my professional and personal life is that you never stop learning, change is good, networking and relationships matter, and listening is invaluable.


Feedback is always welcome!

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